Pro Mod Mustang Powerwheels “Nitemare” Build

This is the ultimate way to raise a car guy or girl. You build them a Pro Mod Mustang Power wheels with tons of extra volts called Nitemare. From the slicks, to the supercharged looking engine sticking out of the hood, this Pro Mod power wheels Mustang and got all the extra juice a young kid could want. This thing even has a nitrous purge! I wish I had one of these when I was kid. This has got to be the 2016 Car Guy Father of the Year award!


Nitemare started life as a stock 12 volt Fisher-Price Power wheels Mustang. It was cut apart and modified using go-kart racing and golf cart parts. It had a working parachute, compressed air nitrous purge valves on the cowl hood, wheelie bars, aluminum wing, carbon fiber accents, go-kart racing slicks, disk brakes, lecan windshield, a LED lighting kid, a super rare Jeep aftershock motor with rumble effects, amplified sound effects, all built onto a custom 1 inch tube chassis! This has got to be one of the wildest kids ride-on electric toys on the planet! Check out the video below with details on how this thing was built. They even race it against a stock version just to show how much faster it is, and oh it's much faster!


Nitemare Pro Mod Mustang Power wheels Video



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