Porsche Say’s “Paul Walker Caused his own death”

In a recent statement released from Porsche they are saying that Paul Walker was responsible for his own death which happen about two years ago. This coming from a recent lawsuit filed from Paul Walker's daughter. The car community lost a very important member when he was killed. Paul Walker both lived in the world of cars and acted as a gear headed outlaw on the big screen. After Paul’s death, the whole automotive enthusiast community was in disbelief as the circumstances surrounding it seemed to be so sudden and unexpected. Nobody could have predicted the actor’s death in the Porsche on that day.

Since the incident, many storylines have surrounded the events of that day, but the latest will make you question what really happened. A couple of months ago, Walker’s daughter filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the car company, saying that Paul’s death wouldn’t have happened if not for the Porsche’s design. Check out the full report below that goes into detail about how Porsche responded to the accusations.



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