One of Those “Special” people you sometimes meet at Car Shows

Ever meet a guy like this? I think most of us have.

I'm sure we've all come across "that guy" at car shows here and there. They always seem to know or have something that is impossible. Or they just like to talk alot of smack and are probably just intoxacted. Well for this Challenger owner he has a "Lamborghini exhaust" along with a "Supercharger" inside the K&N intake. Well he pop's the hood it appears to be a stock Hemi, and we're pretty sure Lambo exhaust systems do not bolt onto Dodge Challengers? Oh and this car has 610 horsepower, along with that, this guy just got new tires from Goodyear! haha, oh boy is he lucky!

So check out this epic Dodge Challenger below!

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