New World Record CTS-V Over 1700rwhp!

1704 Rear Wheel Horsepower CTS-V World Record Holder!

You've probably seen this bad ass Cadillac CTS-V a few times already. It is the current world record holder with over 1700 horsepower getting put down the the ground. All that power rockets this 4 door down the 1/4 mile in just 7.62 seconds @ 182mph! That is impressive by anyones standards! This car is an absoluate animal and it still has a full interior!


Check out the great footage 1320video captured at a recent event in Atlanta and watch this tank blast on down the track in the video below. Also check out this guy racing his Alpha 20 GTR thats nearly just as fast!


World Record CTS-V 7 Second 1/4 Mile Video


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