Never Trust a G-Body! Junkyard Turbo LS Swapped Monte Carlo

They said never trust a G-Body, especially an LS swapped turbo charged one!

The owner of this 80s Monte Carlo picked a gen 3 5.3 LS motor out of a junkyard, changed out the cam and valve springs only to leave the rest of the motor alone. He then added a turbo pushing 16lbs of boost on a E85 fuel setup with a ford 8.8 rear end to hold the power. This setup has got him a best of 9.80s @ 140 in the 1/4 mile! That is impressive from a junkyard stock motor with just a few upgrades!

After the 5.3 bites the dust the owner plans to put in a 6.0 with heads and a 91mm turbo with a goal of 8.50s in the 1/4mile. Check out the video below of a few runs at the track and the owner talking about his sleeper Monte Carlo.


Junkyard LS Swapped Monte Carlo Video



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