Mustang SLAMS into Barrier After HUGE Wheelie!

No Prep racing is always dangerous, but at least it brings a Street Racing like envirnment to the track. This Fox Body Mustang pulls off a huge wheel stand in the True Street Class at Winter Meltdown No Prep race. This nitrous fed beast launches straight up into the air scraping the bumper on the racing surface. After the driver let off the gas and the car slammed back down to the ground the car was out of the grove. After the driver tried to get back into the gas, since he was winning, the car ubruptly took a turn to the right slamming right into the barrier. The driver was no inquired and he walked away!


Check out the multiple point of views of the Mustang crashing after this wicked wheel stand captured by 1320video.


Foxbody Mustang Crashes after HUGE Wheelie Video


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