Monster Wheelie on 275s at Lights Out 8 Nearly Flips Camaro

Nitrous Fed Camaro Pulls Massive Wheelie on 275s

This is the Team JetBlue Camaro that use nitrous as it's only power adder which rocket's it down the 1/8 mile in the low 4 seconds range. These guys came down from Brooklyn New York to South Georgia Motorsports Park for Lights Out 8. They went on to win the Pro 275 class while consistently running 4.0-4.2s at 178-180mph during the event.

The man behind the wheel is Scotty G and during a qualifying run pulled off a huge wheelie and had all four wheels off the ground nearly flipping the car while it rode on it's rear for a second. You can bet the Scotty probably needed to change his underwear after that one. But he took it like a man and even tried to power the car out to avoid it slamming back to the ground. All this and he still pulled off a 5 second 1/8 mile pass. 

Check out the video below captured by 1320video with multiple points of view of the massive wheelie along with all the runs that won the team their class.

JetBlue Camaro Nearly Flips at Lights Out 8 Video



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