Memphis Street Outlaws Precious is NOT undefeated vs the 405!

Precious was defeated by the 405's Murder Nova in a Cash Days last summer!

If you watched the season 10 premiere of Street Outlaws last night then you probably remember hearing that Memphis Street Outlaws very own head hunting queen of the streets Precious claimed to be undefeated while street racing against the 405. While earlier today Murder Nova posted a video on his facebook showing that this was in fact not true.

Shawn and the Midwest Street Cars guys raced Precious in JJ Da Boss's Heifer last summer in a Cash Days. The two raced in round two and Murder Nova in fact beat Precious advancing to the next round. The video is below and shows Shawn putting multiple cars on her after the 60ft. Maybe Precious ment that she is unfeated against the 405 while Discovery channel is around?

The video was taken at a Cash Days in Texas last summer in 2016. Take notice there are no television camera crews or auxiliary lights posted down the road the races take place on. This is in fact real life, 100% illegal street racing where particiapants could loose their cars and goto jail.


Murder Nova Defeats Precious in Cash Days Street Race Video


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