Man-Eating Camaro Stars In New Series “Blood Drive”

Just when we as car guys think we've seen it all, there is a man-eating Camaro on the loose. The Syfy channel has a new television series set to air this summer called “Blood Drive,” and while such a title could easily lend itself to a feel-good reality series about folks learning the true meaning of charity by donating blood for the first time, the subject matter is actually a whole lot more twisted. If you’re a fan of exploitation “grindhouse” films, this just might be up your alley.

The year is 1999. We find ourselves in an alternate reality where fuel has become ludicrously scarce and, therefore, extremely expensive. In the midst of all this, there’s an eccentric psychopath who hosts an all-out death race featuring cars fueled by human blood.

Through it all, we follow an unlikely duo made up of a former cop trying to come to grips with this brave new world, and a female who drives the red, man-eating Chevrolet Camaro. In the trailer below, we'll even get to see how the said woman feeds an unsuspecting man straight into a savagely hungry small block and you'll see the spinning internals devouring him whole like so much beef tartare.

We won’t waste time pondering whether the concept of a blood-fueled Camaro is at all feasible (it isn’t), but assuming you can suspend your disbelief for the duration of the 13-episode Blood Drive first season that starts showing on the SyFy channel on June 14th.


"Blood Drive" Man-Eating Camaro Trailer

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