Making Of The Modern Day Trans Am & GTO

The guys at Trans Am Depot from Tallahassee Florida took the Muscle Car world by storm several years ago when they first came out with a Trans Am converted from a generation 5 Camaro. Now just a few years later they have rebranded into Trans Am Worldwide, which is the exclusive licensee and builder of the new 2017 Trans Am. They're now taking the 6th generation Chevrolet Camaro and converting them into Trans Am's and GTO's. This is not just a "bodykit". Over 350 parts are replaced with custom Trans Am/GTO style pieces they've engineered. You can imagine they have a nice stockpile of brand new Camaro replacement parts for sale somewhere!


The average transformation takes just 6 weeks, but don't expect to be driving your brand new 2017 Modern Muscle Car that fast as they have a waiting list. The cars go through their transformation in 9 stages where the car is first stripped down to a rolling chassis with just doors. Of course these cars wouldn't be complete without T-Tops. Trans Am Worldwide is currently the only company in the world fitting cars with T-tops and today's technology makes them the best T-Tops ever installed. No leaks here! The most popular engine package is the LSX 454 with a SLP supercharged producing around 850 horsepower. Before each car is delivered they are custom Dyno tuned and road tested. So check out the documentary of the making of these modern day muscle cars.


Making of 2017 Trans Am and 2017 GTO Video



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