LSx swapped RX7 vs C7 Z06 vs Bolt-On GT500s!

Several Mustang GT500s Roll Race a LS swapped RX7 and Stock C7 Z06

Recently Mexico Racing League filmed some close roll racing action on the highways of Mexico. There are several Ford Mustang Shelby GT500's with bolt-ons racing again a stock C7 Corvette Z06 and a RX7 swapped with a LS engine producing around 430 horsepower and weighting in at 2,800lbs. The GT500's are pushing over 700 horsepower


The race at the end features two of the GT500's racing side by side to well over 140mph! So check out the video below containing some of the racing action recently caught on film on the streets of Mexico, Enjoy.


Mexico Racing League Roll Racing Video


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