Kye Kelly Wrecks Shocker at Dirty South No Prep

Well Kye Kelly has been racing The Shocker for years. No racer is ever guaranteed to not wreck and stuff can happen anytime. That's why we as racer's take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves safe, so in case something does happen we can rebuild and race again! Kye Kelly was racing his Shocker Camaro at the Dirty South No Prep Series Cash Days this past weekend and on this particular race he just couldn't get traction right from the star. It appeared that Kye would have been able to run down his opponent had his car decided to get traction.


You'll see the in two videos below that he was basically skating down the track and just couldn't get it gathered back up in time. The first video is from 660 Films Go Pro mounted on the back of the Shocker and the second is from multiple camera replay's from Speed Video. Kye Kelly was ok and his Camaro is rebuildable. Kye expects to be back in action in just a couple a weeks!


Street Outlaws Kye Kelly Wrecks Shocker Camaro Video



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