KIA Flies Off Highway Nearly Crashing into Auto Shop

Just think, while you're driving down the highway and coming up to a turn but for whatever reason you're suddenly flying off the side of the highway down a 20 foot drop towards a parking lot. Isn't it ironic that this has happen 8 times in 9 years at this very same spot in the parking lot of an automotive repair shop?

The owner of the repair shop explains what happen this time around and talks about previous incidents in a news station interview.

Check out the video below that shows the clip from CBS Pittsburgh that talks about the road hazard, previous accidents, interviews the shop owner and shows the security camera footage from the auto repair shop. You would think the highway department would have put some kind of barrier up to prevent this from happening as there could of easily been a worker in the parking that could of been hit and killed.


Car Flies Off Highway Video



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