Junkyard LS-swapped Chevy Colorado puts down 1076rwhp!

This Sleeper will suprise many unsuspecting victims!

Would you ever suspect a old fleet truck to have over 1000 horsepower let alone a v8? Well when you pop the hood, you see a junkyard  6.0 LQ4 with over 250k on the clock. The owner, just cleaned all of the sludge out of the engine and reassembled it using the stock rod bolts, head bolts, bearings, and even head gaskets. This leaves everything about the engine remaining stock. The LQ4 makes it's power with a single VS Racing 80mm billet T6 turbo, which is a Chinese Clone of the Borg Warner S480 also known as a "Bog Wiener s480", haha. But wait, there’s more! You’ll see a nitrous setup plumbed with two 2 kits being injected by the throttle body. The fuel system used is a Holley Terminator EFI running E85 which simplifies tuning which helps assist this second hand budget 6.0 to safely push more boost making this LS-swapped Colorado a Perfect Sleeper.

Sloppy Mechanics has put together this swap and with 4 pounds of boost this old 6.0 puts down 462whp. That's good power for an old high mileage LQ4, but how does that do when paired up with a 50 shot of nitrous? With a small 28 jet and just a base tune it made 550whp. Now things are getting good, and the owner Matt is now ready to make big power on the dyno. Next maxing out the boost controller at 23psi the truck made 820whp no nitrous. After figuring out some fueling and realizing they have more to spare with only 50% duty cycle on the injectors, they decided to run both installed nitrous kits. This time running at 22psi the junkyard 6.0 LS-swapped Colorado puts down 1076rwhp and 1027rwtq. Even more impressive the owner Matt thinks the second kit of nitrous never came on cause the solenoids from the inlet line blew off.

Most would probably think that this combination wouldn't last long. He did drive the truck home and stated he was going to do a compression check to see how everything checks out. We're excited to hear about how it goes and to see how long this combination lasts. Check out the video below of Matt and his father from Sloppy Mechanics explaining everything and showing all the dyno pulls!


1076 RWHP Junkyard LS-Swapped Colorado Dyno Video



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