JJ’s Arm Drop Street Warz Small Tire Behind Scenes

At the end of last season's Street Outlaws we witnessed JJ's Arm Drop Street Warz. Remember, Chase Is A Race! This helped BoostedGT in the first round take an easy win as his opponent jumped and Boosted sat on the line. This was a race he probably would of lost because he had just found an issue with the car but didn't have the time to fix it. Here we have come across behind the scenes footage of the small tire final, JJ Da Boss in Ole Heavy vs BoostedGT.


This footage shows how long the staging process can take and how important it is. This is the race that Big Chief messed up setting the cars on the line and had restage them. You can also see how loud and dangerous being the race starter can be with high powered cars like this on the streets. You can't deny these cars are boogying on down the road!


Street Outlaws JJ's Small Tire Final Behind the Scenes Video


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