INSANE Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Drag Racing!

These kind of races have been going on for two decades, first starting with with hill climbers that were just bored of waiting for their chance to run up the side of a mountain. The first groups of motorcycles used were Japanese dirt bikes that had smaller gas tanks and were then equipped with extended swing arms. Eventually they grew in popularity and the motorcycles used evolved into bigger bore harleys that ran on nitro methane with some pushing 500 horsepower! They don't even have a rear suspension and have no limit on the size of the rear tires. Hell most of these bikes don't even have seats! The tires they're using are Super Swamper Boggers with the smaller alternating lugs cut out, which is a common tire cut for mud drag vehicles.


It's safe to say using one of these motorcycles would by far be the fastest way to rototill your garden! Check out the action below captured by Dixie Dirt Draggers.


Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Drag Racing Video



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