How to Troll Corvette Owner with 1,400hp Jeep

Cleetus from 1320video called out Big Kleib. Both are Corvette owner, Big Kleib with a C6 and Cleetus with a C7. Well they trolled him and brought a 1,400hp SRT-8 Jeep to race with. The 5,000lbs tank went through the quarter mile in 10.10 seconds at 142mph! Don't worry it was all in good fun and they later raced their Corvettes. Big Kleib was the winner of that race later in the night.


So check out the video and see the 5,000lbs SRT-8 Jeep rocket down the track.


1,400hp SRT-8 Jeep vs C6 Corvette 1/4 Mile Video


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