Hot Rod Grills Chevy V8 Replica Propane Grill

Chevy Small Block V8 Hot Rod Grill Review


Not Your Average Two-Burner Grill

This is Hot Rod grilling at it's finest! This girll is a 1:1 scale replica of a Gen 1 Chevy Small Block V8. So now while you're grilling you can think about revving the engine. It's manufactured by one of the largest gas grill manufacturers in the industry, but sorry we can't tell you exactly which company makes it. Hot Rod Grill's v8 BBQ is the ultimate conversion peice for any hot hodders outdoor party.


How's The HRG V8 Grill Made?

The body and lid are made of die cast aluminum featuring a professional grade temperature gauge, two stainless steel burners  with individual controls and stainless steel cooking grate. The Zoomie-style headers smoke as the food cooks acting as a vent. The grill body is easy to carry solid lightweight aluminum which includes an electric igniter. The grill stand which looks like a engine stand has locking castors with full moon hubcaps completly the ultimate high performance feel! Included is a flame-printed polyester oxford cloth cover keeping your grill in show-ready condition. So not only will your steak be grilled to perfection, your new V8 Engine barbecue will be a center peice at your BBQ Parties. Don't forget the optional Spark Plug corn cob holders or the Connecting Rod skewers.


Hot Rod Grill Specifactions

  • Professionally built by one of the largest Gas Grill manufacturers in the industry
  • Die cast aluminum lid and body
  • 2 stainless steel tube burners with individual controls
  • Electronic igniter
  • Stainless steel cooking grate
  • Professional-grade temperature gauge
  • Locking casters and full-moon hubcaps
  • Part # MRG350
  • Length 37"
  • Depth 30"
  • Height 46"
  • Oil filter and steaks not included


Hot Rod V8 Engine Grill Pictures


Ultimate Tailgating Experience With Hot Rod Grill

Poles and Holders a company based in California makes a Receiver Mount for the V8 Hot Rod Grill. So you can mount your grill to the back of any vheicle that has a receiver hitch. Perfect for BBQ'ing at any racing events! Available for purchase on Ebay here; Hot Rod Grill Reciever Mount.


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What Hot Rod Grill Owners are saying:

-" Excelent great grill i like this design 100% recomend great value purchase "
-" It's great. Cooks well and looks fantastic. I use it almost daily. "
-" I have sold a number of these and have had no problems with service, delivery, or product. "
-" I bought this grill for my husband for father's day. He loves it. It is a very good quality grill and a great gift for the "gearheads" we love."
-" Great grill for the motor head, drag racer or just car lovers. Takes 2-3 hours to put together. A lot more parts and assembly than I envisioned but nothing too complicated. Instructions are not good but usable for the mechanically inclined. Grill seems very solid and sturdy. The cooking grate is thick stainless steel. Grill cooks quickly, although it really could use some adjustability. Great item just for the novelty of it but also cooks and functions well. Very heavy duty construction. Well worth the money. Comes with a nice grill cover. "

Where to Purchase Hot Rod Grill's?

Currently the HRG Hot Rod V8 Engine Grill is available on Ebay. Check it out here for the price. Hot Rod Grill V8 Engine Grill

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One thought on “Hot Rod Grills Chevy V8 Replica Propane Grill

  • PoPoJoe
    July 28, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    I have one of these Hot Rod V8 Engine BBQ's and it's awesome. The 2 burners cook well and even. Everything works great and is a good quality. It's easier to move around and ignite. I've had mine now for 2 years. It was totally worth the money and a cool peice to have around for parties!

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