Hot Rod Garage Project FishTail, 1972 Drift `Cuda!

Hot Rod Garage starts building it's 72 Drift Cuda dubbed "Fishtail"

Pro drifting racer Tony Angelo host of Hot Rod Garage has unveiled his new project that he has had a passion for building for several years. This is his 1972 Plymouth Barracuda called "Fishtail. Tony explains how all the parts will work together to make this muscle car a good drifter. One of the biggest things that he points out is how to adjust the front suspension and streering components to work well with a drifting application.


Ackermann Angle in Drift Cars

Tony mentions that camber, toe and caster is generally the same for drifting and road racing applications, except for when it comes to the steering ackermann angle. It's important to adjust the ackermann by toeing out the inner wheel for example. Cars that come from the factory generally have the same angle for both driver and passangers sides. Ackermann angle with a drift car changes the angles of both sides, making one more aggressive than the other, which is help elminate front end drag while drifitng.

Achermann Angle Tuning Explained for Drift Cars


FishTail Drift Cuda Videos

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