Hellcat Challenger Crashes While Street Racing

One thing is for certain, the 707 horsepower Hellcat's probably have more power than most of the owners can handle. And Street Racing is dangerous enough and adding all that power into the mix along with an inexperienced driver is even worse. Well that's not to say that anything can happen, especially on the streets! The footage below came from a dash cam from behind the race which it appears the Hellcat was racing a Honda S2000 from a slow roll. As both driver stand on the gas pedals it seems as thought he Hellcat looses traction pretty much right away and luckily for the S2000 driver he was just slightly slower than the Hellcat and avoided getting hit. Fortunately the Hellcat only jumped the curb not taking out anyone innocent by standers.


No one was injured thankfully, but for the Hellcat you can bet the $70k vehicle had tons of damage. Take a look at this wild street racing crash caught on tape of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat racing a Honda S2000.


Hellcat Challenger Crashes Street Racing Video



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