Harley Davidson Extreme Riding Gone Wrong

Extreme Harley Davidson Riding and Wheelies Caught on Video!

Not too long ago it wasn't that common to see stunts being performed on Harley Davidsons, but now with social media many videos have popped up. Now you can see many Harley's being ridden hard just like the sport bikes we're all used to seeing. But one thing that needs to be pointed out here is the lack of safety gear some of these guys are wearing. Perhaps you'll say that's just a hardcore Redneck Harley Davidson rider, no pun intended, I used to ride myself.

It's understandable that while the cameras are rolling people want to look like a badass showing off to all their buddies, but don't forget what goes on you tube, usually stays on you tube forever. So when you dump your bike with no safety gear on you'll always be remembered as "The dumbass with road rash because he didn't wear any leathers!"

If you're a rider then you know it's very important to protect yourself as best as possible, not only from your stunting self, but also from the many idiots out on the roads today that do not give motorcyclist the courtesy that they should be given. Well check out the compilation video below of a ton of extreme Harley Davidson riding gone bad!


Harley Davidson Extreme Riding Gone Wrong Video



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