Group B “Killer Bees” Rally Car FISA Outlawed 1986

Just a few decades ago there was an army of killers on the loose, called Killer Bees. They traveled in quick moving swarms, they're buzzing raspy exhaust tones warned spectators of their approach, they had wings, a nasty disposition and they flat out flew! They were the FISA Group B Rally car series that became know as the "Killer Bees". They raced through the countryside on dirt, asphalt and sometimes snow. These cars would race against the clock rather than against each other wheel to wheel. The driver/car with the least amount of time overall was the winner. Rallying has produced race car drivers with uncanny reflexes and skill levels of car control arguably above all others.

In 1982 the FISA who regulated the World Rally Championship created the Group B series that changed the face of rally racing immediately. The Group B Series was designed to entice more auto manufactures to enter into the World Rally Championship races. Really the only requirements for cars to race in the series was for them to be based on standard production vehicles with virtually no other restrictions. This resulted in a new breed of race cars, that achieved new levels of performance never seen before. The typical Group B race car produced over 400 horsepower, mostly by turbo or supercharged engines. Their average weight was less than 2,000lbs and had all wheel drive. With aggressive gearing these cars were meant to accelerate as fast as possible through all terrain and would get from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. They often reached speeds over 100 mph while racing just inches from spectators on the side of the road. Driving these powerful machines was a treacherous task for even the most skilled drivers.

In 1986 after just a few years of competition the FISA outlawed the Killer Bees because of several fatal accidents involving drivers and spectators. Some of the teams mechanics have even mentioned seeing severed fingers stuck in parts of the cars after the races. Although the Killer Bees are gone now, anyone who witnessed their savage displays of performance will tell you they did not go forgotten. The video below shows you just how close these cars got to spectators and how out of control they could become going over jumps, whipping around tight corners and racing through crowds of people.


"Killer Bees" Group B Rally Car Tribute Video


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