Granny PottyMouth’s Driving Advice – Slow Drivers Move Over!

Ever heard that saying, "Granny Knows Best?" Well this Granny sure does; Known as Granny Potty Mouth and this time she brings up slow drivers. This hilarious video rant about slow drivers clogging up the fast lane and causing road rage is pretty much right on point. Most states have laws against riding in the left lane. There is a reason it's called a "passing lane" and why there are signs along the roads that say "Slower Traffic Keep Right". It doesn't matter if you're going 55 mph or 100 mph in a 70 mph zone, you simply should not be riding in the left lane unless you're passing!


So watch Granny's Driving advice video below and make sure you pass it along to those people you know who like to hog the passing lane! Be sure to subscribe to Granny Potty Mouth's YouTube channel, she has a ton of funny videos.


Granny Potty Mouth Slow Drivers Rant Video



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