First 6 Second 1/4 Mile Nissan GTR on the PLANET!

AMS Alpha GT-R, First in the world to break into the 6s at TX2k17!

AMS built one of the baddest Nissan GT-R's on the planet called Alpha G. The driver Gidi has been breaking GTR records for awhile and this latest one is a big deal. They now have the bragging rights for being the world's first 6 second 1/4 mile GT-R in the entire world. This tool place at TX2k17 and you can see all the excitment from everyone after breaking the record.

Their official time was 6.93 seconds at 196.27 mph in the 1/4 mile. Check out the video before captured by 1320video and see all the action for yourself.


World's First GT-R 6 Second 1/4 Mile Pass Video


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