Female Driver Hit and Run Caught on Tape!

Driver of This Firebird is On Drugs!

Wednesday evening October 12th, 2016 this driver of a Pontiac Firebird was caught on tape driving recklessly. She hits a car in an oncoming lane and is then seen trying to back up the car. But watch as she try's to flee, the driver side front wheel appears to be broken. Well she trys to get away and hits another car just up the road. The 34 year old women resides in New Carlisle Ohio and rumors from people who know her say that she is a Meth addict. That might explain her driving problem.


A man claimed he saw the driver exit her car and start walking after it had become disabled from the multiple crashes. He asked her to stop, but she continued walking, police said, so he grabbed her and took her to the ground. The driver was charged with driving under suspension, hit-skip, failure to control her vheicle along with an assault charge for allegedly biting and punching the man who tried to stop her, according to a Springfield Police report.Original news report Click Here.


Female Driver Hit and Run Crash Video



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