Fastest Street Legal Holden Commodore V Ute in World!

1320video recently visited Sydney Australia for the Turbosmart 1320video meet and greet. The worlds fastest street legal Holden Commodore VE Ute showed up. If you're not familiar with Holden Commodore's, GM imported these cars into the states as Pontiac, GTO's, Pontiac G8's and most recently the Chevrolet SS Sedan. The Commodore along with the Ute models are very popular in Australia and this one is powered by a Turbo V8 LSx running 8s in the 1/4 mile. This even took place at the Sydney Dragway for the Motive DVD's Encore Night.


There is more potential in this Commodore Ute as the owner continues to get it dialed in. The best run of the night rocketed it down the 1/4 mile in 8.97 seconds at 154mph! Impressive for a street legal nearly daily driven car and you'll see in the video how comfortable it looks and even how well the cage in tucked in around the pillars and rough given it more visibility. But once you hear it and see the chute in the back you'll know this Ute is one bad ride!


Fastest Commodore Ute in the World Video



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