Drifting Nissan S13 in an Abandoned Development

Weather you're a drifting enthusiast or not, power sliding through a turn is exciting! But you always have to worry about other cars, people and of course the police! What if you had an abandoned housing development near by with tons of turns, no curbs to hit and it was a place where the cops hardly ever rolled through? Well that is just what this guy Adam LZ has at his disposal!


These guys have mounted multiple cameras to give us views from inside the car, from different parts of the car and have mounted cameras on other chase cars. At the end they'll explain a little bit about how and why they do certain things to make drifting work better. Check out the action below, if you want to fast forward to the action, it starts shortly after the 3 minute and 45 second mark.


Abandoned Development Drifting Video



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