Dodge to build more 2015 Hellcats to meet demand

If you've ordered a 2015 Dodge Hellcat and are still awaiting it's delivery your prayers have been answered. Dodge has ramped up production and has over 1,000 Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat muscle cars scheduled for production. Dodge stopped taking orders in mid March so they could buy some time and figure out how to meet the unexpected high demand for their new Hellcat muscle cars. The Dodge Challenger and Charger Hell cat come with an astonishing 707 horsepower v8 engine. The Hellcat's specialized motor only shares 10% of it's parts with Dodge's other V8s. Currently the most powerful American made production car ever.


Relief is on the way with another 1,000 of these cars being built. A recent post on the fan forum suggested that Dodge was increasing supply, an anonymous industry source with knowledge of the situation confirmed that Dodge figured out how to add another 1,000 cars to their build schedule. These low-volume cars are only allocated to certain dealers through a system that takes into account their overal sales and turnaround time the Hellcats they they get to sell off their lots. This essentially limits each of these dealers to just one SRT Hellcat per month. Unfortunatly some of these dealers have allegedly taken deposits and orders for dozens of these Hellcats that they're hoping to supply customers with in a timely fashion. but Dodge is promptly warning customers of this practice and says they do not gurantee being able to fill every order. So far Dodge has delivered about 2,200 SRT Hellcats since they first went on sale and they allegedly have another 10,000 on order awaiting delivery to dealers across the country. This is more then twice as many as Dodge had ecpected to build in 2015.


Dodge is targeting to fill the most pressing and legitimate orders currently in the system, but there’s still a freeze on future orders, and no word on when a thaw should be expected. However, the Hellcats are technically not a limited edition vheicle, and the company has previously said it'll be happy to build as many of the SRT Hellcats as it can sell, as long as it can figure out how. So I guess that means that in the near future, Dodge's main concern is how they can ramped up even more production to meet the demand for their most powerful car every produced.

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