Daddy Dave’s First Pass With Procharged Goliath

If you haven't heard, the Street Outlaw's star Daddy Dave recently built a new Procharger engine Combo for Goliath 2.0 that made over 2,200 horse power on the dyno. –More Info Here about the Procharged Engine– It only took a few weeks to get the all new engine setup into the Nova and working. This is the first test pass Daddy Dave made with Goliath. It ran a 4.41 at 167 mph in the 1/8 mile. For the first pass that's no slouch and you can bet it's gonna get faster once it's all figured out. His best 1/8 mile before with the 632 Nitrous motor was 4.21 at 165 mph.


Daddy Dave says "Launch retard, soft street tune, shaking the hell out of the tires all the way down. It's only just begun!!"So check out the video below Daddy Dave posted to his Facebook page.


Goliath 2.0 First 1/8 Mile Pass with Procharger


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One thought on “Daddy Dave’s First Pass With Procharged Goliath

  • PoPoJoe
    November 30, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    Ricer math tells us that Daddy Dave's Goliath will run the 1/4 Mile in 6.85 seconds at 207.08 MPH!

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