Daddy Dave Wheelies on Radials at Lights Out 8

Street Outlaws, Daddy Dave Runs consistent 4.20s at 175mph

Anyone who follows Discovery channel's Street Outlaws knows that Daddy Dave means business and can flat out drive. While Goliath 2.0's new engine setup pushes over 2,200 horsepower with the help of a procharger, without the right driver and setup using all that power would be impossible.

This time around we see Dave racing on drag radials at Lights Out 8 and while he was grudge racing during qualifying Goliath 2.0 grabbed some serious traction and shot straight up into the air sitting on the bumper for a split second. While Dave being the experienced drag racer that he is, kept the car under control and stayed in it only to go on to win the race. He had Goliath running consistent 4.20s @ 175mph at the SGMP 1/8 mile all weekend.

Check out all the great footage 1320video captured of the Street Outlaws star racing on radials at Southern Georgia Motorsports Park during Lights Outs 8.


Daddy Dave Wheelies On Radials Video




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