Daddy Dave Talks about His Nova Called Goliath

Daddy Dave is determined to make his new car, nicknamed the Goliath, a straight shot to the #1 spot.

Anyone who is a fan of Street Outlaw's knows that last season Daddy Dave gave back the GMC Sonoma that he used to drive for Jackie. – Click Here for Details – He was ready to have his own machine again because he was sick of everyone giving him crap about him not racing his own car. The Sonoma is one bad ass truck and ruled the top of the 405 list for a long time. Goliath, a 1963 Chevy Nova II was a nitrous fed 632 Big Block Chevy. It was said that Goliath made 1300 horse power on motor and atleast an additional 500 horse power while spraying the 3 stages of nitrous.

While it's no secret to most that Daddy Dave rolled Goliath 6 times at a No Prep Race on August 1st totaling the car.Click Here for Details – Don't worry though because he is already reconstructing a new "Goliath". We can still appreciate all of the work that went into this beauty. The video below tells the story of the initial steps in bringing the nitrous fed Goliath to life. If Goliath wasn't so short lived you can bet Daddy Dave would be taking it up the list in a hurry!

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