Daddy Dave in Goliath taking down New York Racers

Street Outlaws star, Daddy Dave was at Empire Dragway in New York taking down the local racers!


Daddy Dave was in New York at Empire Dragway which is a 1/4 mile drag strip just east of Buffalo and south of Rochester. He and the Goliath took on one of the local racers who jumped off the line. Daddy Dave got off the line good but got a little sideways at the 60 foot mark. He peddled it and gathered it back up right away and then drove around his competitor like they were tied to a stump! Daddy Dave is originally from New York state just a couple hours south of Empire Dragway. The Goliath is currently a Procharged big block 540 cubic inch monster producing over 2,300 horsepower. Check out the engine dyno results here!


Empire Dragway held a No Prep race this year called The Purge which had $30k up for grabs. Birdman Racing won the No Prep race taking home the big money prize. Many other Street Outlaws racers came to the event to try their hand at the decently sized pot. Empire held one of the first and biggest No Preps on the east coast and plans on doing it again next year. Check out the footage that National No Prep Association captured if Daddy Dave in the Goliath smoking the competition.


Daddy Dave & Goliath Racing in New York Video


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