Daddy Dave Caught SLEEPING at the Line in Small Tire Malibu

Daddy Dave behind the wheel of a small tire car? And got Treed while doing it!


Well for one thing it is a very uncommon ocurance when Daddy Dave is caught sleeping at the line. You might even see that Daddy Dave was hitting a cheesebuger between the light and the launch. This time he was treed hard by the Diaz wheelstanding beast! If you keep up with Daddy Dave then you'll know that hes been seen driving his Procharged Chevrolet Malibu before. He usually does a fantastic job drivng the car, just like with his Goliath.


This race took place at Outlaw Armageddon and was a pretty exciting race. Daddy Dave'd competition not only treed him, but also pulled off a massive wheeling coming down easy and staying out in front of the Procharged Malibu. It even looked like at the 60ft mark Daddy Dave was doing the G-Body shuffle! Check out the video below captured by the National No Prep Racing Association.


Daddy Dave SLEEPING at the line Video

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