Corvette ZR1 Test Cars Caught on Video

Video Surfaces of Beefed up Corvette, Possibly ZR1 Test Car!

Earlier today in Marietta, Ohio a car enthusiast filmed a group of cars beleived to be brand new Corvette ZR1 test cars leaving a gas station. The Corvette prototypes were camouflaged which is almost for sure the new ZR1! Thrown into the mix for whatever reason was a current Corvette Z06 along with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Jaguar F Type. Could this all be hype? Perhaps GM was doing some testing comparisons with known rivals.


The first two Corvettes in the video appear to have prominent lower front fascia's under the thick black material that is used to obviously cover up the look of the car. Along with the rear wings that aren't exactly the same, leads us to beleive GM is testing out different design types. Perhaps they'll be different spoiler/wing options for purchase or just that of a higher performance package. This evidence can back up our suspisions for even better handling, faster, higher performing Chevrolet Corvette's to come!


Possible C7 ZR1 Prototypes Caught on Video


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