Corvette Hits Deer on the Track In Car Video

When you take yourself and your beloved ride to a race track, there are of course a variety of dangers. BUT hitting a deer is pretty low on that list! Of course many of us use GoPro camera's to capture the action and unfortunately for this guy he captured a deer darting out of nowhere right in front of him. The Corvette was probably going over 100mph when it struck the deer and as you can see the driver did a good job not over reacting and maintaining control of his vehicle. All too often we see drivers over react and they end up rolling their cars, totally them while severely injuring themselves.


The driver of the Corvette was having a good day enjoying the track day until the deer ruined it for him. Watch the video as the wild animal gets clobbered by the front of the car. The impact is approximately at the 1:40 mark.


Corvette Clobbers Deer In Car Camera View Video


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