Chevy V8 Turbo Kit for $699! But Does it Work?

A couple weeks ago the guys from the Hot Rod Network took an old small block 350 from a truck which was completely stock minus a small cam, intake and carb; and "slapped" on a $699 GT45 Turbo Kit off amazon! You've probably heard of people making good power on cheap setups or have even seen them at the track and you probably were thinking "How just How did they do it so cheap?" Well now you can find out. Don't expect a kit this cheap to just be a bolt on. It's universal so may not always fit right depending on your combination. And of course not everything always works together like it should so expect to use some ingenuity and probably some "extra parts" just to make everything work right.

$699 V8 Turbo Kit off Amazon

After getting everything running the first issue was trying to control the boost. It would spike as high as 18lbs which on a old stock pump gas 350 is asking for trouble! So they had to weld in another waste gate along with upgrading the boost controller just to name a few things off the long last of modifications. After it was was all said and done they kept the boost under control at 10lbs and ended up making 546hp and just over 600 ft-lbs of torque. The guys from Hot Rod said "You’ve read about them before, probably seen one at your local dragstrip, and have maybe even pondered buying one. Before you do, HOT ROD brings you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about cheap turbo kits." So check out the video below to see how it all went together.


How the $699 GT45 V8 Turbo Kit Works Video



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