Chevy LS-427 Powered Challenger with 106mm Turbo!

This is exactly what happens when you can't afford a $70k Hellcat. You get a cheaper model Challenger and swap in none other than an LS power plant! This Dodge Challenger has a swapped LSx 427 Chevy small block boosted with a huge 106mm precision turbo. With the car weighing in at 4,100 lbs with the driver there is enough power to rocket this boat down the quarter mile in 8.39 seconds @ 167 mph!


The old school Mopar guys might hate the idea of not having a Hemi power plant, but hey this guy can do what he wants with his car. Check out the Chevy LS swapper Challenger Hellcat killer make several passes at drag week in the video below taken by 1320video.


8 Second Chevy LS Swapped Dodge Challenger Video




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