Chevy Blazer vs Corvette Z06 Tug-Of-War

Blazer Outperforms Corvette Z06 In An Epic Tug-Of-War Battle


Not Your Usual Tug-Of-War Battle

They're have been tons of tug of war battle videos all over the internet. Usually it's the classic Ford vs Chevy pickup truck battle. This time an owner of a C5 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 decides to see if he can drag this Blazer across the line. Well most people would think the vette owner is stupid for even trying this, but hey why not? If you have money for repairs and tires, have fun! The Chevy Blazer may not have the power and torque that the Z06 has but it was two important advantages here; Four Wheel Drive and Weight! The driver of the vette puts up a good fight shifting it from first thru 4th!

The video below has multiple views with a ton of smoke! The Blazer owner must have been talking a ton of smack? Check it out!


Corvette vs Blazer Tug-Of-War Burnout Video


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