C8 Mid Engine Corvette Details

2018 Chevrolet C8 Mid Engine Corvette Rumors Probably True!

Evidence Supporting Mid Engine Corvette

A mid engine Corvette has been rumored for decades and American sports car enthusiest think it's coming soon. There has been a lot of rumors and "leaked" information going around the auto industry of late. After many protype mid engine Corvettes in past years the current renderings that have surfaced make this one of the most anticipated sports cars in American car history.


1970 Corvette Mid Engine Prototype

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Mid Engine Protypes 5 Decades Strong

Throughout the last 5 decades there have been rumors of mid engine Corvette's. Chevrolet has built several concepts and prototypes only to have abandoned them somewhere along their development. The very first official mid engine prototype was in 1970 which nearly went into production. But it was said the cost would be too great and would double the MSRP of the beloved American sports car. Another mid engine prototype worth mentioning was the 1986 Corvette Indy. The Indy was complete with all wheel drive and a twin turbo V8. Then in 2002 though this was not a corvette, Cadillac showed off their stunning Cien concept supercar. This was equipped with a 7.5L V12 producing 750 horsepower. This was a sign to the industry that GM wanted to produce something big.


In 2004, it was decided that the Corvette had reached the limit of grip with the traditional front engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. As Bob Lutz explains, "the design team got as far as constructing two full-scale clay models, a Corvette and the equivalent Cadillac XLR, both with the engine in the middle. Sadly, the recession of 2008 (and GM's eventual government bailout) caused the automaker to put a hold on, and eventually cancel, this mid-engined Corvette project."

Now that development on the C8 has begun, and rumor is, a mid-engine platform is in the works. Mark Reuss, head of Global Product development, says that the C8 will be "revolutionary." To some Corvette enthuiests, that can only mean one thing: a mid engine Chevrolet supercar probably a Corvette.

1986 Indy Mid Engine Corvette Prototype
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C8 Mid Engine Corvette Cost?

One of the Corvette's success in sales is the outstanding value they bring to the table. Starting at $55k the current C7 is avoidable for many people when compared to a Ford GT which competes with the Corvette and sold for $450k while in production. Obviously a mid engine corvette will cost more and likely be well over $100k. An MSRP of $150k has been a popular number; but we're sure that GM will do it's best to offer "budget" models. Like perhaps a twin turbo v6 option.


C8 Mid Engine Corvette Platform Concept
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C8 Mid Engine Corvette Design

With the engine now sitting behind the cabin, the Corvette will look different from the previous traditional front engine payout. Recently Car and Driver snagged some spy photos of looks to be a C8 prototype testing. The design cues indicate a mid engine layout with the cabin being further forward along with the longer rear section. Also present is what appears to be a set of flying buttresses present which is a popular aerodynamic feature of many newer mid engine supercars such as the Ford GT and McLaren 570S.


All New C8 Mid Engine Corvette Performance

Engineers at GM understand that there is a limit to how must power a front engine car can put down. So the mid engine Corvette would be born simply for performance. With a mid engine much more cornering grip will be achieved and weight distribution will be optimized. Many Corvette enthusiests have been obssessd with the fantasy of a mid engine Corvette and maybe this will proof it can soon be done. All the recent evidence suggests that in the next couple of years this will come true. While we cannot say it's official it sure seems like it could become fact. Well for the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and other supercar companies they better ouch out considering the hundred's of videos already over the internet of the traditional front engine Corvette spanking those cars in races.


8th Gen Mid Engine Corvette Concept
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    This new Mid Engine Chevrolet Corvette will be the new #1 Supercar of the world if this really does happen! Oh man I'm so excited! I might even sell my house to buy one and just live in it!

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