Burnout Champion of the World! Killa-B Camaro

Every year Summernats happens in Australia and it has been known for being the world's most epic burnout competition. It's also home to were the world's largest burnout record was set and recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records. These high horsepower purpose built machines are all about INSANE tire shredding while trying to impress the judges to take home the crown. We've followed the Killa-B Camaro before and with the massive blower producing tire smoke only takes a tap or two of the throttle.


Check out Killa-B burning the tires at Summernats 30 which results in winning the crown becoming this years Burnout Masters Champion. Also watch out for one of the passengers, 1320video captured Azn from Street Outlaws in a crazy ride along. It even appeared as though Azn was getting a little car sick at the end? Or maybe it was from inhaling 50k miles worth of burning rubber in just 2 minutes time.


Killa-B Burnout Champion Of Summernats 30 Video



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