Birdman Blows Up Motor At PDRA World Finals

In the world of grudge racing Birdman is well known and has taken down many of the top grudge racers in the nation. Without a doubt competing at this level be very expensive and challenging. This time around Birdman was competing PDRA VMP World Finals in a Grudge Racing event where you see just how quickly you can loss a motor in a matter of just seconds. One can guess that their are several zeros at the end of receipt for that motor.


Well we cannot exactly confirm Birdman lost the engine since their really hasn't been any offical announcments, the video description here confirms that he lost motor. One thing is for sure the Birdman Racing crew will have that beast back up and running in no time at all! So check out the video below of the carnage.


Birdman Racing Engine Blows Up Video




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