BIGGEST Street Race in U.S. History! 31 cars & $15k cash

1320 video just captued Cash Days 2017 which was the biggest illegal street race ever in U.S. History. Something this big is very hard to pull off and could very possibily never happen again. There were tons of big names there most of which have been on Street Outlaws. Most of these guys particapted in the first cash days held back in 2006 only to return now to the streets in their much faster 1,500-2,500 horsepower cars. Here's the list of all the racers all going for a $15k cash pot: Big Chief, Mistress, Murder Nova, John Doe, WFO, Barefoot Ronnie, Reaper SS, Doc, Cornbread, Big Block Killer, Bounty Hunter, Daddy Dave, Black Bird Vega, D Baker, JB, JJ Da Boss, Kye Kelley, Precious, DB Jones, Silver Unit, Swamp Thing, Godfather, L Roberts, Monza, Sodfather, Fireball Camaro, Outcast, Donn G, Marcus S10 were all in attendance.


Limpy is the mastermind behind these massive illegal street race with help from Boosted GT along with many others. Check out this full length hour long full feature, filmed by 1320 video. If you've never been to a cash days in person, this video will give you a great idea of what it's like from operations, driver, crew and spectators points of view. Street racing all night long till the sun starts raising, virgin streets, cops, close calls and more.


Limpy Cash Days 2017 $15k Illegal Street Race Video


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