Big Chief’s First Pass in The Crowmod!

Street Outlaw's Big Chief Runs 4s Off the Trailer for the First Pass Ever in the Crowmod


Several months ago as most of you know Big Chief wrecked The Crow in a race for Street Outlaws Season 7 racing Brian "Chucky" Davis. -Details here of Big Chief's Crash- For most Street Outlaw's fans the news of Big Chief's crash was devastating news. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes The Crowmod was unveiled at the 2015 PRI show along with Goliath 2.0. Big Chief's Crowmod was the talk of internet everywhere. Most fans loved it, but just about as many hated it and said Big Chief wasn't being true to the "Street Racing" world since it was a pro modified race car and not a street car.


Why Big Chief Wanted a Pro Mod?

Well as we all know there is always someone faster and in Big Chief's case it was Kye Kelly and his Shocker Camaro. So like anyone that wants to be on top, they want to go faster. Probably the two main deciding factors in Big Chief's choice in building the Crowmod. Ever since the unveiling at PRI controversy has risen and all have been awaiting the Crowmod's maiden voyage to see how it's going to perform. The video below shows Big Chief's very first pass and more in the Crowmod right off the trailer and on drag radials none the less. He's testing on Drag Radials for an upcoming event called Lights Out 7. It's a small tire event where $50k is on the line. His first pass was 4.66 @ 157mph 1/8 mile.


Street Outlaws Big Chief's Crowmod First Pass Ever Video

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