Big Chief Talks About The Crows Final Days

Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz, Murder Nova & Big Chief Discuss The Crows Last Days


Recently Midwest Streetcars posted a video to YouTube talking about the events that lead up to The Crows final race with Brian "Chucky" Davis during filming of Street Outlaws. Jeff Lutz was in town to help Big Chief get the car ready for the big race vs Detroit. They were having tranny issues and ended up taking the transmission from Jeff Lutz promod for the race. Also Big Chief had over 30 passes on the tire and they were shot. So again Jeff came to the rescue and late Big Chief use the slicks from his pro mod.

The video below is a cool look behind the scenes showing what it takes for these guys to compete at the level that they do. Enjoy the commentary, pictures and videos of some test passes followed by of course the final race of The Crow.


The Crows Final Days Video


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