Big Chief Explains Why He Street Races

Street Outlaws Big Chief, Murder Nova and Kamikaze explain why they and others Street Race!


There is no deny that street racing as been around almost as long as cars themselves. As Chief says " There are 100s of thousands of people street racing everywhere every weekend". One of the main reasons Big Chief wanted to talk about this on the recent Podcast of The Chief and Shawn Show was due to all of the Street Outlaws guys being blamed for recent street racing deaths in the media. Also they wanted to express their views on racing on the street vs at the track. Check it out below and listen in.


Highlight Quotes from the Podcast


-"Street racers only car about the race"
-"They don't want to deal with track tech rules"
-"Some people that will never be successful in other things could be in street racing"
-"For most people they cannot afford to goto the track"
-"The streets even the odds"
-"I can do it now and when I want"


Street Outlaws Racers Explain Why They and others Street Race Podcast

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