Big Chief, Daddy Dave and AZN on Pinks in 2006

6 Years Before Street Outlaws Stars appeared on an episode of Pinks in 2006


It is clear that on his episode of Pink's Big Chief, Daddy Dave and Azn appear on the show with Azn's 1989 Fox Body Mustang driven by Daddy Dave. The Mustang was equipped with a Small Block Chevy 355 with Vortec Heads, 150 shot, Holley 750cfm Carb with 11:1 CR. It is rumored this car ran 10s in the 1/4 mile, but on the show they claim 13s! The car they raced was a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback with a JDM H22, 125 shot, 10.6:1 CR claiming 325hp. The Honda owner claims that the car only ran in the 14s. If you've seen Pink's before you can already anticipate what type of drama will unfold.

Pinks was known to tape shows at tracks all over the country and even helped end some "Internet Racers" end their grudges for real. This particular episode was filmed at Speedworld Raceway Park Surprise, Arizona. Over the past few years the owners have been battling with the "leaders" in their community to stay open. As you can read here it all started in 2013 as the county flagged the track for issues from 20 years ago that the previous owners didn't address. Recently a petition has been started online that has nearly 10k signatures! Before you enjoy some "Street Outlaws Nostalgia" go over to and sign the petition to help keep Speedworld Raceway Park from closing! Go over to their Facebook page and support them with a Like!

We all know how this goes. One person brought more of a sleeper than the other and someone looses their car. At one point the Honda got over a 10 car head start and still lost to Azn's Mustang. The Street Outlaws gang has been together for years racing in all kinds of situations and they have "nitrous in their veins". Eventually the Civic looses on the last best of 5 races breaking the tranny on the launch. Big Chief states they planned on fixing the Civic and selling it to raise money to help fund their own cars. Sorry the video quality isn't great as it appears who uploaded the episode tape it from their TV.

Street Outlaws Starts on Pinks in 2006 Video

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