Big Chief Calls Out Everyone and Tuff Enuff from Chi-Town

Street Outlaws Big Chief Talks about Racing Anyone that think's they're Fast Enough!

At the recent 2015 PRI show Justin "Big Chief", Shawn "Murder Nova" and Chris "BoostedGT" were recording a podcast called "The Chief and Shawn Show". Later in the show they started taking questions from fans and one person asked "What's it gonna take to bring you guys to Ohio?" Big Chief said "It's real simple, If you have a fast car on the street I want to bust your ass!" He continues to say how if all the Street Outlaw guys claim to be the baddest that they want to race any kind of fast street raced car in the nation. Big Chief says to contact him via email through with subject "Street Race Big Chief" or something along those lines. He then wants proof of the said "fast car" racing on the street, not the track or a picture of it in a driveway. They want to see the car in action. So preferably a YouTube video of the car being raced on the street would be best. The fan then stated that he was told that he needed to contact Discovery Channel to get on the show to race the Street Outlaw guys. Big Chief said that isn't required and to just email him through the website.


Big Chief Talks About Racing Tuff Enuff

Before recently crashing his car Tuff Enuff called out Big Chief for a race with his Jet Car. Tuff Enuff is from Chicago and raced Daddy Dave in the Sonoma several seasons ago. The two went back and fourth about the race and Big Chief wanted to race him for $2,500. He said that by the time the race had gotten locked in, it was too late and the crow was totaled in the filming of season 7 racing Brian "Chucky" Davis. –Click Here for Details of Justin's crash– The video below is a recording from the podcast talking about both of these stated events.


Big Chief Call Out and Tuff Enuff Race Video


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