Best No Prep Drag Racing Wheelies of the year!

In 2016 No Prep Racing saw large amounts of growth with more events poping up all over the country with some having 6 figure purse winnings. Along with this brings in the fastest competition, which means seeing some of the biggest wheel stands you'll ever get to see, because with so much money on the line racers are pushing their cars to the limits and beyond!


Heres a rundown of all the cars and events that made the list:

-Brian Green at Lonestar Resurrection
-Red N20 Mustang @ Redemption 6.0
-Beater Bomb at Armageddon
-Big Hal "Butcher" at Redemption 6.0
-Black Mustang at Redemption 4.0
-Dan Davinci at Dirty South No Prep Series
-The Rowdy Chevelle at Redemption 6.0
-Lethal Weapon at Winter Meltdown
-The Mistress at American Outlaws Live
-Darci Knowles at Redemption 6.0
-Logan Graves at Lonestar Resurrection
-Daniel Stone/Dale Stuart at Dirty South No Prep Series
-The Mutt at Armageddon
-Blazonic at Lonestar Resurrection
-Richard Fontenot at Dirty South No Prep Series
-Tyler Mitchell "Smack Down" at Doomsday No Prep Series
-Boost 12 at Redemption 4.0
-Andy Reynolds "Red Wagon" at Doomsday No Prep Series

Best No Prep Wheelies of the Year Video


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