Best Car Wheelies on the Street!

Performing a Wheel Stand on the Street is a rare but exciting sight!


I remember when I was 18 and fresh out of high school my friends and I used to hit up all of the local spots for some street racing action. I used to roll around in my stock 1991 Pontiac Firebird that had well over 230k miles. But I loved it and I felt so free cruising with my friends and involving ourselves with the racing scene. We'd race at many of the same spots my father had raced at 30 years earlier. An American past time; Street Racing! Very dangerous and illegal but tens of thousands of people do it. Luckily many towns across America will now even hold sanctioned street races where they'll close part of a street for competitors with emergency personal at these events just like if it was a NHRA or IHRA sanctioned drag strip. Anyway I remember one random night after meeting some of the more established racers some us of were invited to a spot that was a 35 minute drive out of the city. Here there was literately what I at the time considered a racecar that you'd see at the drag strip. These guy's would race for anything, for gas money, for dinners, $100 and even some races were in the thousands! The first race was a 1973 Chevy Corvette vs. a 1970 Chevy Camaro. Both of these cars lifted the wheels on the street! I was astonished. Now 11 years later I've come to realize that wheel stands on the street during a race is a bit more common then one would think.


Wheelies on the Street?

Wheel stands at the drag strip are common and pretty much expected. Drag strips have prepped surfaces that have thousands of passes of rubber laid down from heating up the tires to maximize traction off the line. It is said that every tenth off a 60ft time is lowered at the starting line that it equals a 2 tenths lower ET in the 1/4 mile. This is very important for racers, the difference between winning or losing. Now take that into account on the roads were practically virgin concrete or asphalt surfaces exist and now your in an entirely different ballgame. Experienced street racers not only know how to prep a surface, they know how to get their car's power to the ground. Many racers use a traction increasing product like VHT. Pulling off a wheel stand on public streets is certainly a dangerous act, but it's very intriguing seeing a vehicle hank the wheels in an environment where such a thing should not occur. In honor of some of those racers that have setup their cars right and have the experience to perform wheelies on the street we've made a mix video below with the action.




Wheel Stands on the Street Video


How to Prep the Street for Wheel Stands?

For decades now Street racers across the country have figured out how to prep public streets so they'll cars will hook just as well as they would at the drag strip. We're not advocating such actions so please don't judge us. We're simply reporting the facts from experience and common knowledge. Of course it all starts with the right surface. Concrete is the better of the two roadway surfaces. Of course prepping is done the same for either concrete or asphalt surfaces. Most people that hear about high horsepowered cars being driven on the street would probably assume that all they'd good for was burnouts. As skeptical as some might be about how a street surface can harness such high horsepower it is obviously possible. Just look at the show Street Outlaws on Discovery Channel. Yes it's just a show, but they're still racing 1000 horsepower plus cars on the streets and many of them are yanking the wheels like they would at the track.


Naturally one would ask how can someone prep a public road for maximum traction? An old wise tail answer would be to just pour coke onto the road and burnout over it. Yes this is sticky, but there really is more to it then that. Hands down the best traction compound out there is PJ1 Track Bite also known as "Pimp Juice". Don't expect to just pull up to a random spot and just do a wheelie with the PJ1. You'll need some horsepower under the hood, a good set of Drag Radials set at the air pressure, a good suspension setup and of course some PJ1 Track Bite. PJ1 Trackbite Traction Compound – 1gal. SP-162



When your car launches hard on a well prepped street it feels the exact same as it does at the track.

-Anonymous Experience Street Racer


PJ1 Track Bite is the traction compound choice of most and is actually biodegradable. So it's actually good for the environment, well with the exception of the tire smoke part. It is applied to the surface with a brush, spray bottle, roller. Many racers blend the traction compound with methanol. This will help thin out the consistency which helps the compound dry quickly once applied to the surface. A 50/50 mix of track bite and methanol works well. This also makes it easier to light on fire. This allows the traction compound to dry quick and spread evenly. This is very important if you're pressed for time, which face it most street racers are! Allow the compound to dry sufficiently helping to prevent the tires from shearing on the surface. Once the compound is laid on the surface ignite it with a propane torch. This is usually a two man operation and down about 60' out from the starting line. In most cases racers will not have time to do the above procedures. So the most common way of using traction compound is to dump a small puddle in front of the rear tires. Then roll up into the puddle and do a burnout. Ride out the burnout and backup over the tire marks since this is part of the surface heated and prepped.

Doc from Street Outlaws pulling a wheel stand on the street
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2 thoughts on “Best Car Wheelies on the Street!

  • June 23, 2015 at 10:49 pm

    I used to make wheelies on the street! I can't beleive this video of all these street cars racings and doing wheelies on the street. Thats awesome! The TrackBite stuff works wonders!

  • July 19, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    Watching Street Racing is exciting enough but when you add cars doing wheelies on the street into the mix that makes it all the more exciting! I still say that doing a wheel actully slows you down a bit because you have less control and the car's power isn't just being used to push forward but up as well. Regardless that is a great showing of massive horsepower being used properly by some talented and skilled drivers none the less! Thank you for sharing this great information.

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