Before Street Outlaws Chuck Seitsinger Raced a 92 Honda Civic

Street Outlaw's Chuck Honda Racing Days Before the Show

Most of you know Chuck from Street Outlaws from racing his 1989 Ford Mustang Twin Turbo'd Small Block Chevy called "The Death Trap". Before building his Mustang, Chuck professionally raced a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback in the NOPI Drag Racing Association's Nitrous Express Pro 4 Cylinder Class. Chuck started in 2004 where he not only won 2004 NDRA Rookie of the Year honors, but he was also the 2004 Nitrous Express P/4 Xbox cup Champion. Not bad for his first year out and again Chuck won the Championship in 2006. His 92 Civic Hatch called "Hot Rod Civic" ran a best 8.21 @ 184mph in the 1/4 mile.

Chuck Seitsinger and his Hot Rod Civic were featured in several magazines in the mid 2000s.

In the video below you'll see an interview Chuck did with Street Outlaw's Big Chief and Murder Nova. Here he talks about his domination while racing and how he claims he was kicked out of the class due to his car being so untouchable. You'll also see a few passes Chuck made in his Civic as well as with his Mustang. Chuck runs his own shop called Alternative Motorsports where he basically funds himself with little sponsorship. Enjoy the video below and learn a little about Chuck's past life before the Street Outlaws show.

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